Geomembrane Workshop – March 2020

Amid the rapidly developing health guidelines due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the ACigs is proud to report on a safe and successful Geomembrane Workshop series.

The event dates (March 16-17th for Melbourne and 19-20th for Brisbane) coincided with a time which will surely have historical significance. The workshop series was held that the Engineers Australia facilities for both Brisbane and Melbourne. The indoor event was limited to 50 people in conformance with the health guidelines imposed at the time of the event. It was the first event we have held where the new practice of Social Distancing was applied which was an unusual experience for those that attended, although it’s now become our normal behaviour. We also included some expert presentations by real-time video connection due to travel restrictions.  A new feature for ACigs which worked quite effectively.  The workshop was well supported by the Engineers Australia staff, facilities and catering services which added many additional health and safety precautions without interfering with the technical program.

Notwithstanding COVID 19 the event was well attended. The Workshop included contributions from local and overseas subject experts. The presenters displayed varied programme providing a wide range of expert input on Geomembranes. This extended from the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, reference testing methods, the latest developments in test protocols and the latest research on lifetime serviceability of the installed material.

Our international speakers, led by keynote speaker, Boyd Ramsey, having provided a grounding in Polyethylene Geomembranes provided insights into the latest research and materials developments.  A number of case studies were presented providing practical examples in the beneficial use of Geomembranes.  The Workshop style event encouraged delegate interaction allowing delegates to focus discussion on topics of current interest.  Presentations on materials testing invited healthy discussions among the attendees on current practice in Australia.

Thankfully, by making some timely travel arrangements, all the international travellers were able to make it back home safely and in reasonable time and have confirmed no illness. Following our event, industries deemed “critical” continue to move forward and progress. Even in challenging times, the geomembrane and related industries carry on an the ACigs will continue to advance the appropriate and sustainable use of geosynthetics.