ACIGS 2019 Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 22nd October 2019 in Brisbane, ACIGS had a busy afternoon with several activities held on that day including:

  • The committee spend the early part of the afternoon reviewing the 3-yr plan for events and initiatives, with specific emphasis on the 2020 activity schedule. Plans for a Geomembrane Workshop in March (two cities) and a mid-2020 lecture tour (3 cities across ANZ) are underway, along with an Educate the Educator program in the Pacific Islands or PNG.  The webinar program is shaping up well for 2020.
  • Our second webinar was held, with Warren Hornsey speaking on aspects of cushion geotextile design considerations. Webinar attendees dialled in from all around our region as well as South Africa, Asia and beyond.  The webinars are hosted on our You Tube channel and are also accessible via our website.
  • Our Annual General Meeting was held from 5pm, with people in physical attendance as well as several people taking advantage of the video conferencing capability. Reports from all office-bearer of ACIGS were presented and discussed.
  • After the AGM concluded, a dinner was held for the local corporate supporters along with the current and former committee members.

The attached photos show the events in action.