Pascal Saunier – Improved QA/QC of double-lined ponds for processed water containment using Conductive Multi-linear Drainage Geocomposites – September 2020

During this one hour webinar Pascal Saunier will discuss the improved QA/QC of double lined ponds for processed water containment using Conductive Multi-liner Drainage Geocomposites.

Webinar Description

Pascal Saunier will discuss the improved QA/QC of double lined ponds for processed water containment using Conductive Multi-liner Drainage Geocomposites in this webinar.

Processed water storage is one of the main concerns for regulators and owners of operations in the mining industry, and for cause: these extremely pollutant liquids concentrate all the toxic, organic and chemical parts of the residues that are treated in the facilities. It is therefore necessary to be able to ensure storage under perfect – or at least the best we can – leakproof conditions. Since assembled geomembranes are not 100% free of leaks, it is essential to consider the state of the art in Quality Insurance and Quality Control. A strong 3rd party engineer dedicated to improve the Quality on site during all the stage of the project, from design to operation is one key. Leak detection surveys during and after the installation of the geomembranes are another. These last methods can be complicated – or even ineffective – depending on the materials used for the construction and the size of the defect. Based on a recent case study that is currently occurring in the mining industry in the US, this presentation will demonstrate the importance of those complementary quality controls, the limits of traditional geosynthetic solutions and will show how Conductive Multi-linear Drainage Geocomposites, after having described them, offer an effective solution to enhance the quality of storage ponds, reduce the construction time and limit environmental risks.


About the presenter

Pascal Saunier is a French-Canadian professional engineer. After having managed a waste management facility for Veolia Environment, Pascal moves to Québec for WSP in the containment design and QA-QC on geosynthetics engineering department, then continues to develop his expertise in the geosynthetics industry with Texel-Geosol as Engineered Products manager.

He participates in the creation of AFITEX-TEXEL inc., the Canadian manufacturer of DRAINTUBE™ technology, where he takes the lead of the technical sales for the North American and Pacific Market.

After almost 20 years of experience in the area of the geosynthetics, geotechnics and international business development in Europe and North America, he has published numerous technical papers on geosynthetics, QA/QC, waste management and mining in his carrier. He’s a member of ‘’L’Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec’’ (OIQ), the Association of P. Eng. of British Columbia as well as other related organizations as of ASTM D35.