Graham Fairhead - Geosynthetics in Gas Harvesting and Renewable Energy

Webinar Description

Treatment of wastewater in anaerobic reactors is beneficial in reducing the emission of Methane gas, which accounts for 25% of global warming, is 80% more damaging as a greenhouse gas than CO2.  Harvesting gas from Anaerobic reactors also provides a renewable energy source.  Geosynthetics are the most efficient method to cover and seal anaerobic effluent lagoons.  In this presentation the different types of anaerobic treatment system will be considered. Gas harvesting cover design requirements and geosynthetic material properties required for these facilities will be addressed as will material  selection and service life expectations.  Case studies will be included to show the implementation of geosynthetics in this sector.

About the presenter

Graham is a qualified Engineer and has held executive positions in Manufacturing, Design, Engineering, Sales & Marketing and General Management internationally across Europe, America, and Australia. Having join Fabtech as its Managing Director in 2007 Graham has led the development and growth of Fabtech to become Australia’s leading geosynthetics Installation Company. Graham also leads the technical group within Fabtech which is focused on materials, barrier system design and floating cover design. The foundations of the company’s growth have remained consistent being technical leadership, customer retention, safety and quality.

Graham’s previous roles in design and manufacturing on an international basis have been the foundation for

Fabtech’s on-gong focus on geosynthetic material manufacturing quality control and quality assurance strategies. This expertise has been applied to over 30 projects including multiple production audits in Asia, China, USA, Middle East and Australia.

Graham has authored several geosynthetic technical papers and is regularly requested to speak as an industry expert.