Eli Cuelho - Geosynthetic Performance Testing and Integration of Results

There is general consensus that geosynthetics are an effective way to improve roadways.  Engineers need accurate and reliable performance data to intelligently incorporate geosynthetics into the structural design. 

The famous “Montana study” will be showcased along with other common performance tests to provide a general outline of how best to generate and use performance data in unpaved and paved road design.

Eli Cuelho is a Senior Engineer and Director of the Transportation Research, Testing, and Services Division at TRI Environmental. 

Mr. Cuelho has been involved with geosynthetic research and testing for more than 25 years. 

His project experience covers a wide variety of topics such as: geotechnical engineering, geosynthetic design and testing, pavement maintenance, bridge construction and evaluation, and remote sensing and data acquisition.

Eli is also directly involved in developing new test procedures for geosynthetics used as pavement and subgrade reinforcement.