Chris Lawson – Soft Site Impoundment Closures Using Geosynthetics – April 2021

Chris Lawson will discuss Soft Site Impoundment Closures Using Geosynthetics

Webinar Description

Chris Lawson will discuss Soft Site Impoundment Closures Using Geosynthetics in this webinar.

Driven by environmental regulations the closure of soft site impoundments is gaining in importance. Soft site impoundments arise because of mining, industrial and utilities operations and consist of by-products mixed with water in a containment facility. These containment facilities can be very soft and in some cases the surface can be underwater. This makes any closure procedure difficult because the impoundment cannot support the fill and equipment loadings of the closure construction. Geosynthetics are used to facilitate the construction of fill closures over very soft impoundments. Here, the geosynthetic is used as a combination separation/reinforcement layer to improve the stability of the closure.

The webinar presents the problems that exist in constructing closures over soft impoundments and details how geosynthetics can provide a solution to this. Methods of determining the required properties of the geosynthetics along with the importance of good panel seam strengths are emphasised. The geometry of the initial fill placement in the form of “fingers” to stress the geosynthetic reinforcement prior to complete fill placement is also highlighted. Two case studies are presented that demonstrate the procedures involved.

About the presenter

Chris Lawson is the Managing Director of Ten Cate Geosynthetics Group Asia. Chris received his Engineering Degrees from The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He has worked in the field of geosynthetics for 40 years in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. During this period, he has served on international organizations developing Standards and Codes of Practices for geosynthetics and geosynthetics structures. Chris has acted as technical advisor on many large scale geosynthetics projects in the field of embankments, reinforced soil techniques, coastal, hydraulic and environmental engineering structures in many countries. He is the author of over 50 technical papers on geosynthetics, geotechnical engineering, mining and hydraulic and coastal engineering. In 2006 he delivered the 3rd Giroud Lecture at the 6th International Conference on Geosynthetics at Yokohama, Japan.