Boyd Ramsey - Geosynthetics and Sustainability – How is our industry doing?

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Webinar Description

Geosynthetics make a great many positive contributions to our planet and it’s environment.  This webinar/presentation gives an overview of the activities of our industry and some organizations, with interviews and discussions with industry participants including John Krause – Executive Director IGS,  Jean-Louis Vangeluwe – Solmax, Dennis Grech – Geofabrics, , Sam Allen – TRI Environmental, Richard Bathurst – Royal Military College of Canada and Steve Thaxton – Owens Corning . 

The IGS has been addressing sustainability through the efforts of the IGS Sustainability Committee. Geosynthetic materials make critical contributions, but as an industry, we can improve both our sustainability performance and our communication on the benefits of geosynthetics. This event highlights some of the things we are doing well and offers a summary of some of our industries future improvement goals.  It should be noted that the opinions expressed in the event are those of Boyd Ramsey and the other participants, not the IGS or the respective committees and organizations. 

About the presenter

Boyd Ramsey has been a leader within the geosynthetic, environmental containment and waste disposal industries for over 25 years. He has a long history as an employee of GSE Environmental LLC He has been involved with the design and selection of containment systems at several of the world largest cities including New York City, Hong Kong and other regional landfills and hundreds of other municipal disposal sites in the United States and around the world. Additionally, he has been involved in hazardous waste disposal at sites in the USA.