ACigs - September 2021 Technical Forum #2 - Geo Reinforcement

Our panel of expertswill discuss Geo-Reinforcement in this technical webinar.

Webinar Description

Join our panel of experts as they discuss Geo-Reinforcement. This is the second of our quarterly Technical Forums where each forum links to one of the IGS Technical Committee themes – in this case, Soil Reinforcement. The format of this Soil Reinforcement Technical Forum will be as follows: Introducing the Key Speakers and the Panelists Presentations by the Key Speakers (30 minute in total) Q&A: Open the session for questions and answers and panel discussion with Key Speakers and Panelists. During the Q&A and panel discussion, there will be questions selected from those received prior to the event, as part of the event promotion campaign, or any good questions that may be received during the presentations. Our panelists for this Technical Forum will be - Prof. Richard Bathurst Pietro Rimoldi Ivan Puig Damians Chris Lawson Mike Dobie