TRI Australasia has expanded its testing capabilities – Case Study

The Case Study has been Provided by TRI Australasia

TRI Australasia has expanded its testing capabilities to better service its clients with the addition of two new 300mm x 300mm shear boxes from Durham Geo. This not only allows faster turn around times but also extends the range of confining pressures that can be applied to between 5kPa and 1050kPa. The additional equipment means that more complex shear programs can be run efficiently, for example a recent project required shearing a compacted clay liner, which required 156 hours of hydration/consolidation of the interface and an extremely slow shear rate of 0.02mm/minute (62 hours of shearing) per confining  pressure. With multiple shear boxes in use TRI was able to run the test in a reasonable time frame.

As with all testing the parameters used in the setup of the test can have a significant effect on the outcome, the following factors must be considered

  1. Compacted Clay – Maximum dry density & % compaction and moisture content
  2. Confining pressures – normally a minimum of 3 based of expected field conditions
  3. Hydration period
  4. Consolidation period
  5. Rate of shear – slow for clay and fast for geotextiles and geocomposites

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